The RTV1140CPX offers the best of both worlds. No longer do customers have to make a choice between cargo capacity and passenger space - In one machine you now have both options.
With a simple three step process the front of the deck folds up and the seat folds back changing the unit from a two seater full cargo capacity deck to a four seater ¾ capacity deck.
  1.  Fold the front and sides of the bed.
    The front and front sides of the cargo bed have been built with hinges to conveniently fold up and in towards the back of the bed.
  2. Flip down the two-person bench seat and lock it in place.
    Next, flip down the hinged bench seat and secure it into place.
  3. Slide back the protective screen.
    Finally, slide back the protective screen and attached seat back all the way to the bed and lock it in place. Now you're ready to ride. Reverse these three actions for access to the RTV1140CPX's full bed capacity.