The RTV-X1140 offers the best of both worlds. No longer do customers have to make a choice between cargo capacity and passenger space - In one machine you now have both options.

With a simple three-step process the front of the deck folds up and the seat folds back changing the unit from a two-seater full cargo capacity deck to a four-seater ¾ capacity deck.

  1. Reposition the sides of the bed
    Swing the front side panels of the cargo bed towards the back of the bed and fold down the front panel.
  2. Reposition the cargo bed
    Next, lift the front of the cargo bed and secure it.
  3. Reposition the protective screen and bench seat
    Next, move back and secure the protective screen with back rest. Finally, lower and secure the bench seat. Reverse these three steps to restore the RTVX1140's full-length bed.

Standard hydraulic dump bed 

Dump sand, gravel, turf, or just about anything you can think of, from the RTV-X1140’s whopping, 0.54 m3 / 0.28 m3 (two-seat and four-seat configurations, respectively) capacity cargo bed. An easy-to-operate lever activates this hydraulic bed-lift system in either two or four-seat configuration.