F12/R12 Transmission (M7040 DTQ model only)
Synchronised four speeds of the main shift and a high/low range supply tractors with 12 Forward and 12 Reverse speeds, including creep speed.  
The main shift allows you to shift "on the fly" making operation smooth.  
F8/R8 Transmission (new M7040 DT SU only)
The new M7040 DT SU has been introduced for customers that require a higher specification tractor at an affordable price. 
The new M7040 DT SU now has a full hydraulic clutch, F8/R8 gears and a flat operator’s platform.
F18/R18 Transmission (M8540 and M9540 models)
For heavy-duty work such as ploughing, hay work and heavy trailer applications the hydraulic-shuttle models of the M8540 and M9540 is an F18/R18 transmission including creep speed. 
This transmission features six speeds of the main shift and a high/low/creep range giving it a total of 18 Forward and 18 Reverse speeds.
F36/R36 Dual Speed Transmission (M9540 Cab Dual Speed model)
The Dual Speed feature provides instant upshift and downshift. If the load increases while in the Hi position, a simple press of the Dual Speed button will reduce speed and increase engine torque.
The main shift features six synchromesh speeds for on-the-go shifting. Combine this with Dual Speed and the Hi/Lo/Creep range and you have a total of 36F/36R speeds at your command. 
Hydraulic Shuttle
Better than ever, our Hydraulic Shuttle for the M40 Series makes shifting between forward and reverse smooth and quick.  
With the Hydraulic Shuttle, the column-mounted lever, conveniently located next to the steering wheel, does all the work.  
Boost productivity, especially while using loaders, by eliminating the need to depress the clutch every time you change directions.   And when attaching implements, our improved inching feature is easy to perform, giving you the same feel as a half-clutch operation.