Operator Environment

Digital Panel
A new digital LED panel makes viewing vital functions of your M40 Series tractor clear and easy.  View travel speed, PTO revolution and hour meter information digitally.  
Analogue indicators include a large tachometer, temperature gauge and fuel gauge.  
A battery warning light has also been added to the M40 Series to prevent surprise battery failures.
More space and visibility make our cab a great place to work.
Rounded Glass
We've rounded the cab glass of our M40 Series tractors increasing the length of the cab by 5cm and the width by 16cm.  This change provides the operator with more visibility and a more spacious feel, ideal for long days inside the cab.
Furthermore, we've increased the glass coverage area on the cab door, which makes it easier to get in and out of the cab.
Corner Post Exhaust Pipe (Cab model)
The exhaust pipe on the M40 Series has been repositioned along the right side of the cab providing the operator with a clear and unobstructed field of view.
Cab Headroom
The arched beam in the front of the cab and relocated A/C components allowed M40 Series designed to extend the height of the roof.  This feature not only increases headroom, it also increases overall visibility, especially while using a front end loader.