Power Krawler Technology

Outstanding Traction
Kubota's distinctive crawler design places the oscillation point below the drive sprocket and directly into the path of the driving force, thus resulting in great traction.
It also ensures that the front portion of the track won't rise up off the ground, particularly in heavy pulling conditions, which enables more sure-footed climbing of hills.
The Power Krawler's exceptional traction also ensures better straight-line driving performance on uneven terrain than a four-wheel tractor.
Exceptional Stability
Along with its innovative crawler design, the M126X Power Krawler's lower centre of gravity gives it superior stability on uneven terrain, particularly when compared to similar-sized four-wheel tractors.
Smooth Travel
Compared to similar-sized four-wheel drive tractors, the Power Krawler delivers a longer effective wheelbase, allowing its tracks to flex with ground obstacles rather than riding through or over them. And, since the left and right crawlers oscillate independently, both tracks stay in contact with the ground at all times.
These factors allow the Power Krawler to follow terrain closely for a smoother ride and increased comfort.
Superior Floatation
Due to the Power Krawler's larger rear footprint, the weight of the tractor is dispersed more evenly, offering superior floatation and less compaction, even on soft and wet terrain.
With much lower ground pressure than a typical four-wheel tractor, the M126X Power Krawler's track does far less damage to the fields and land that you work and decreases rutting significantly.