8 x 8 Synchro Shuttle Transmission
This new transmission offers eight forward and eight reverse speeds (8F/8R), enabling you to select the right speed for higher productivity.  
Moreover the Synchro shuttle shift lever is conveniently located at the left side of the seat allowing you to quickly and easily switch between forward and reverse.
It’s particularly handy when performing tasks that require repetitive forward/reverse motions, like front loader work.
3-Range Hydrostatic Transmission
Kubota’s 44.5cc Feather-Step 3 range HST (high, mid, low) features a hydraulic servo system that increases pedal responsiveness, providing easy pedal-shifting operation for smoother performance and improved control, regardless of load size. Now, forward and reverse directional changes are easier. 
The HST also reduces vibration, noise and fatigue to improve tractor performance and operator comfort. Plus, it features a hand-operated step-less cruise control, which keeps your working speed constant.
Cruise Control Lever
The cruise control lever is conveniently located on the left side of the operator’s seat for easier access.  Simpler than button and pedal combination systems, our lever lets you select and maintain the right travel speed to help reduce operator fatigue.