Switching between mowing lawns, front end loader work and backhoe work has never been easier thanks to the BX’s quick connect implements.

Kubota’s quick connect loader lets you attach and detach the loader without getting down from the tractor! To detach the front loader, simply follow four simple steps and then back away. The front end loader comes with the option of standard or 4:1 bucket.

The BX23S backhoe offers huge convenience and performance. The backhoe features a spacious, comfortable operator station with ample legroom, as well as a curved boom, 20° angle of departure, hydraulic hose protection, wide sight lines, and Kubota’s quick connect mounting system for effortless attachment/detachment. It’s the ideal combination of convenience and performance for any digging job.

3-blade mid mount mower decks offer a wide cutting area, allowing you to cut more grass in a single pass. 54”or 60″ mower decks are available.

Mower decks are shaft driven to deliver power smoothly from the mid-PTO. Unlike belt drives, there is no slippage and maintenance is minimal.

A simple twist of the dial cam adjusts the mower height in ¼” increments to your desired cutting level.