Operator Environment

Both the BX2370 and BX2670 come with a fully padded deluxe high-back seat with adjustable armrests to offer unparalleled cushioning, superior thigh support and ergonomics for exceptional comfort during operation.
The pedal layout provides increased foot room eliminating the cramped feel of most other compact tractors.  The forward and reverse HST pedals are split and the differential lock is located on the left side of the operator platform. This design provides a large, fully flat deck area which offers more foot room, eliminating the cramped feeling of most other tractors in this class.When frequent changes in speed and direction are needed, HST responds with its smooth operating forward and reverse pedals, leaving your hands free for steering and implement control.
For carefree mowing of large spaces, set the BX-Series cruise control to maintain a constant speed without keeping your foot on the forward pedal.
A clear and simple redesigned instrument panel, with tachometer, makes it easy to read all vital tractor functions. The light switch and hazards are also combined to one switch for easy operability.  
The steering wheel has been repositioned to make sure that ease of getting on and off the tractor safely is top priority!
The new foldable ROPS allows for better maneuvarability and ease of parking under shelter when required.