The Kubota diesel engines of the BX-Series tractors have several very important advantages over gasoline-powered alternatives. First: torque. Diesel engines offer greater torque giving them far more power. They are also less likely to slow down or stall when pushed to their limits. They boast far lower fuel consumption than gasoline engines—typically using 20% to 30% less fuel and require far less maintenance, and don’t require the fuel to be replaced even after long-term storage.  These powerful 3-cylinder diesel engines give more traction when hauling heavy loads as well as better mowing performance.  
The BX Series tractors have the radiator positioned in the middle of the tractor rather than the front. This ensures that airflow is taken in from the operator area and pushed towards the front of the hood.  This reduces overheating, prevents grass from getting in the radiator grill and helps the operator stay cooler.