Let our new and improved loader lift your productivity to new heights
From the brace-less loader frame to the Skid Steer-type quick coupler, everything about this loader is designed to improve productivity. The B26's loader offers increased lifting capacity and a greater lifting height.
It also has a host of features designed to make loader use easier, including a mechanical spill guard and a console-mounted joystick and armrest.
The slanted boom and hood of the B26 improves visibility over the hood. This helps you change attachments and get back to work quickly, and allows increased productivity in tight areas.
We’ve concealed the B26’s loader valve and mounted it directly to the tractor. In doing so, we’ve not only protected the valve, thus increasing its longevity, we’ve also improved operator visibility and cleaned up the overall design of the machine. The third function auxiliary hydraulic valve allows you to do more than ever and can be easily activated with a button located on the grip of the loader joystick.
Optional front remotes and the Skid Steer-type quick coupler allows you to easily change ebetween implements like a 4-in-1 bucket, grapple bucket and various other hydraulically controlled implements without tools. Simply set the two locking levers and attach hose couplers, and you’re on your way.
Lubrication points on the loader are conveniently located, eliminating the need to reposition the loader during lubrication.
The loader’s hydraulic hoses are routed through the B26’s mainframe. This not only protects them and adds to their longevity, it also gives operators a cleaner and clearer line of sight in front of the tractor. The brace-less loader frame design improves visibility and offers easier access under the hood.