Built stronger, longer and more versatile than ever, to take on backhoe jobs big and small
We've improved the B26's backhoe in many ways. We've given it more power, increased its digging depth and added a host of new features, including options for making the backhoe easier to use and more versatile.
All in all, the B26 backhoe promises more performance than you would have ever dreamed in such a compact package.
Digging capacity
Here's everything you could want in a backhoe, more power and the ability to dig deeper. The B26 offers more than 1815kg of bucket breakout force and a digging depth of 2540mm.And best of all, you get this in a surprisingly compact tractor.
Precise inching performance
Experience smooth and precise movement of the arm and boom thanks to our high-performance inching valve.  This comes in handy when simultaneous arm and boom movements are required, or when using the backhoe to "finish" jobs.
Quick mount system
Attaching and detaching the backhoe has never been easier than with this quick mount system.