ZG Series

ZG222 Compact model
22HP Kubota petrol engine
48” 6”-deep Pro-Commercial deck
With its expanded range of diesel and petrol (see ZD Series for diesel models) mowers to choose from, Kubota's high-performance Z-Series will meet any challenge.
Kubota's versatile and high-performance line-up of zero-turn mowers feature full-size and compact models, and are available with diesel or petrol engines.
These models boast a high-capacity HST, the deepest mower deck in the industry, state-of-the-art Kubota petrol engine and more.
Kubota’s all new Z-Series zero-turn petrol mower makes doing your chores so easy you won’t want to stop. If you are looking for an efficient, easy to use mower unit then the Z-Series was made for you.