Mower Deck

Introducing Kubota's new 3-in-1 mower deck
Named for its distinctive counter-rotating figure-eight grass flow, the Infinity Deck's most notable benefit is its ability to quickly and easily change cutting modes without having to change blades.The proprietary secret behind this 3-in-1 deck is its sturdy steel "gate" that slides to cover the discharge area, thus speedily turning the deck into a mulching deck.
1 - Side-Discharge Mode
In this mode the deck discharges grass evenly and efficiently through the side utilising two counter-rotating blades.
2 - Mulching Mode
To change from side-discharge to mulching mode, simply slide the steel gate (located on the outside of the deck) to the front of the discharge area. This feature, along with the deck's rounded shoulders, keeps grass under the deck, ensuring the perfect mulch. No special blades, tools or optional attachments are needed.
3 - Grass Catching Mode
Using the optional grass catcher is now easier than ever. Due to the powerful flow of the Infinity Deck, a blower is no longer needed; the deck does all the work. With this design, attaching the grass catcher's boot is made simple.
Cutting Height Adjustment
Kubota's dial design makes adjusting the mower deck's cutting height simple. Just reach underneath the operator's seat and turn the control dial.