Rear Discharge Mower Decks

  • Steel reinforced 60″and 72” rear discharge mowers deliver exceptional performance. The professional 5.5″ deep deck helps to achieve a fast and clean cut even in tall grass or weeds.
  • This top of the line rear discharge model is ideal near streets, schools and parks as grass is discharged behind the mower rather than to the side. It also offers the operator greater control in confined spaces.
  • Rear discharge deck is reinforced with 1″ diameter steel rods on the skirt for increased durability and longevity. Reinforcements are easily replaceable if damaged or worn.
  • Kubota hydraulic lift system allows you to easily elevate the mower deck and roll right over obstacles with a simple push of the pedal. A special one-touch lock allows you to keep the deck raised for transportation.
  • Without drive belts and pulleys, the drive shaft smoothly transfers power from the engine to the deck. Shaft drive also requires less maintenance and provides greater dependability.