Operator Area

ROPS and FOPS certification make this the safest place to be. 
A deluxe suspension seat, wrist rest, cup holder and air conditioning; why would you want to leave?
The overall air circulation in the cab has been improved, thanks to a stronger cooling/heating unit and the positioning of six vents around the operator to offer better all-round comfort.
Easy-Open Front Slide Window
Unlike many excavator windows, the front glass window of the U55-4 opens with ease. Just flip the latches on the window sides and slide it up.
A gas assist mechanism makes this action almost effortless.
Wider Entrance
The U55-4 features a much wider door and more ample foot space, making it a breeze to get on and off the excavator.
The Two-Pattern Selection System positioned under the seat allows the operator to shift control styles conveniently while seated.
A simple turn of a switch is all it takes to select between the ISO pattern and the SAE backhoe pattern.