Working Range

Auto Idle

Save fuel with Kubota's Auto Idle. Reduce engine RPM instinctively when high engine speed isn't needed. When the control levers are in neutral for more than four seconds, the engine RPM automatically idles. Move any control lever and the engine RPM immediately returns. This innovative feature reduces noise and exhaust emissions while reducing operating costs.

Zero Tail Swing

Zero-tail swing virtually eliminates costly damage to the engine hood and side panels when working in tight situations or near structures. As the U35-4 rotates, the counterweight area stays inside the width of the tracks, letting you concentrate on the job in front without worrying about hitting objects at the back or side.

For added safety and improved operator visibility, the engine hood is set five inches inside the edge of the counterweight.

The U35-4's powerful and responsive front working group can handle all your digging, lifting and loading jobs. With its increased bucket capacity and improved reach and digging depth, the U35-4 meets or exceeds most job requirements on the construction site.

Strong Bucket Breakout and Traction Forces

The U35-4's unique hydraulic system provides the kind of powerful performance you need to speedily and efficiently handle even the toughest jobs.