Operator's Area

The U35-4's spacious, ultra-quiet operating area keeps the operator refreshed and working at peak efficiency. A high-back seat and adjustable arm rests reduce fatigue, while controls and levers are positioned to provide more deck space and foot room.  

The optional cab design minimises sound and engine vibration levels.
A flick of the T.P.S.S. (Two Pattern Selection System) switch lets the operator quickly change between ISO and SAE operating patterns without tools or leaving the seat.

ROPS/ FOPS Canopy and Cab

The ROPS/FOPS canopy and cab provide complete protection from accidental rollovers and falling objects. Both are OSHA certified to ensure an extra level of safety and security on the job.

Easy up front window

Just flip the latches and slide it up out of the way. A gas-assist mechanism makes this as easy as!