Pump Capacity
We've increased the hydraulic pump capacity to 11.9 GPM (45 /min), giving you the boost of versatility you need to take on a wide variety of jobs.
Strong Bucket Breakout Force
The U17-3 has the power you need for heavy loads and tough excavating jobs, a breakout force of 550 kg.
Strong Lifting Capacity
Excellent lifting capacity for digging, lifting, and loading is provided by a powerful and responsive front working group.
Even when working to the side, using hydraulic attachments, or lifting heavy objects, the U17-3 has excellent stability, thanks to its innovative counter balancing technology, long tumbler distance, low centre of gravity and smooth operation.
Protected Track Hoses
For added protection, Kubota has enclosed the travel motor hoses within the track frame, resulting in reduced repair costs and increased durability.