Operator Area

Wide and spacious cabin minimises fatigue even during long working hours.
High back suspension seat offers outstanding comfort and an ergonomically positioned arm rest on both left and right sides assist with minimising operator fatigue during long stints in the seat.
The SVL75 also offers best in class entrance and foot areas providing ample leg and foot space.
The SVL75 also has the best rear and side visibility for safer operation.
Built-in drain outlet and easily removable floor mat mean cleaning is easy.
Hand and foot throttle for both precise and adjustable speed depending on the task.
Climate control system offers outstanding cooling and heating performance with optimized air flow.  Cabin is pressurised to enhance on the job comfort as well as helping to cut the noise to allow you to work with minimal fatigue. Cabin also has defrosting and demisting functions to assist with working in colder climates.