Kubota M110GX Proves Successful For Fourth Generation Dairy Farmers

The Charmley's of Dannevirke are fourth generation on their 300 cow Te Rehunga dairy farm. If the interest shown by Paul and Lisa's five year old son Reuben in their recent tractor purchase is any indication, there will be a fifth generation in due course. 

Their purchase of a Kubota M110GX in June this year has been a success story. "Paul had to do the walk of shame quite a few times,” Lisa said. "The old tractor couldn't be serviced locally, and we could be without it for up to six weeks each time. With deadlines for getting crops in and fertiliser on, the decision to replace was practical as well as financial”. 

Paul took an instant liking to the Kubota which he had on trial, and decided it wasn't going back. "It's so easy to drive, with controls well laid out and so functional,” Paul said. "We have two staff members who are both very capable, but it’s nice to know that anyone can pick it up quickly”, he added. "The cab is so roomy with none of the clutter at your forehead that many tractors have”. 

The trade in and finance deal tailored by Fiona Cammock of Firth and Stephenson Ltd made the offer irresistible. 

The Kubota has now done 110 hours, mainly feeding out baleage. But soon, as the main workhorse of three tractors, it will be used for applying fertiliser, mowing silage, ploughing, discing, and topping. So Paul has yet to take full advantage of some of the Kubota's features, but has tried them. Like the Bi-Speed turning which improves an already impressive lock and which will be great for ploughing; and the rev limiter which brings fuel consumption down to miserly levels. 

Young Reuben may not be in the instructor's seat for too long! 

Kubota is imported in New Zealand by C B Norwood Distributors Ltd.