Kubota M100GX Healthy Addition to Market Garden

When Oamaru market gardener Wayne Wycherley went looking for a new utility tractor that could also provide back up to his main cultivation tractor, he decided on a 100hp Kubota M100GX and he is delighted he did.
Wayne runs a 40 hectare commercial garden on irrigated silt loam soils. The business employs six staff and supplies potatoes and a range of green crops to wholesalers and retail distributors.
He took ownership of the M100GX at the beginning of 2016. It is fitted with row crop tyres and does a variety of jobs including spraying, spreading, and hauling a custom built harvesting trailer. With its capacity to boost to 120hp, it can also do the ploughing, rotary hoeing and subsoiling that garden’s 140hp tractor normally does.
"This is the first Kubota we have had and it has exceeded our expectations. It has proven to be very economical and extremely user friendly. Is very easy to drive and all our employees love to work with it,” Wayne says.
"It also has plenty of pulling power. If we get into a wet spot it has the power to just get through it.”
Wayne bought the tractor from his local dealer, Johnson Gluyas Tractors. Initially he looked at a 95hp Kubota M9540 but the offer he received on the M100GX was so good he could not pass it up.
Along with the additional horsepower, by opting for the bigger machine he also got a Powershift transmission with three ranges and eight shifts and a creeper gear, a cleaner burning engine, and a bigger cab with excellent vision.
"Coupled with the great service we have received from Johnson Gluyas Tractors, we are very happy with our investment and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others,” Wayne concludes.
Kubota is imported in New Zealand by C B Norwood Distributors Ltd.