New KX-4 Series Mini Excavators by Kubota: Fear Nothing

Fear Nothing with Kubota’s new KX016-4 and KX018-4 mini excavators as they raise the standards with more power and wider working ranges than ever before. 
Kubota, NZ’s number 1 selling mini excavator now gives you the choice of two conventional models in the 1.5 - 2 tonne class (adding to the U17-3 Zero Tail Swing machine).  Selecting the right machine for the job just got easier!
Powered by Kubota’s own D series engines, the new -4 machines are engineered from the earth up by Kubota’s own technicians to maximise performance while maintaining smooth operations and minimal noise. 
The KX018-4 and KX016-4 offer one of the largest operator’s platforms in their weight class. Ergonomically designed with common sense in mind, you are surrounded in market leading technology from the Auto-Shift Travel system (KX018‑4) to the all-new user friendly digital panel complete with one touch viewing of time, hour metre and tachometer.
The KX016-4 is the ultimate tradesman tool offering exceptional power in a compact 1.6 tonne package. Easy for towing around jobsites all day long, it’s the machine you can trust your apprentice with.
The KX018-4 is in a class of its own with extra breakout power, all round comfort and increased stability, this machine is dedicated to your frontline all day, every day.