Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter and Auckland Rescue Helicopter

C B Norwood Distributors Ltd and Kubota New Zealand are proud to announce that the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust and Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust are the recipients of brand new Kubota BX2360 compact tractors for 2013, continuing our on-going commitment to the support of rescue helicopter services throughout New Zealand.
Kubota New Zealand’s nationwide support of air ambulance and rescue helicopter services brings a modern connection to Sir Charles Norwood’s personal actions while serving as Mayor of Wellington in the 1920’s. Frustration at seeing an injured man lying on the road with no hospital ambulance available was the catalyst for Sir Charles to establish a free ambulance service for the community.
The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust and their two specialist rescue helicopters are entrusted with watching over 1.4 million residents and countless visitors throughout their coverage area. Flying over 700 missions per year means that they need a tractor they can rely on 24/7/365!
Greg Brownson, Helicopter Manager says "The BX2360 is a powerful, compact tractor that tows our 3 tonne helicopter with ease. When responding to a mission time is critical; the BX2360 takes away all the stress of moving the helicopter out of the hangar to the helipad and makes it hassle free. The flight crew appreciate the Kubota power steering. Thank you
C B Norwood and Kubota.”
The Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust has seen a tremendous jump in its missions. From a modest 129 for the whole of 2006; 2013 has already seen the crew called out over 130 times.
With an increase in mountain biking and outdoor accidents resulting from the extended summer weather, increased domestic visitors and being surrounded by three National Parks.
Paula Muddle, Marketing and Communications Manager says "Operating the same service as the main centres in a regional area with limited funding, population and corporate support is hard work. Having Kubota acknowledge our region and supporting us by donating a tractor is fantastic".   
Tim Douglas-Clifford, Base Manager and Pilot said "The Kubota tractor pushes out 3 tonne of helicopter and trailer in a matter of minutes. This allows us to be operational and in the air responding quickly to all our callouts. Now that we operate two rescue helicopters with limited funding, the arrival of the tractor was timed perfectly”.
It is only with the support of each community that the rescue helicopter services can ensure that they can continue to do what they are best at; save lives.
As part of the C B Norwood and Kubota New Zealand mission we thrive to support activities that advance the communities in which we operate and our support of rescue helicopter services plays an important part of that.
Kubota is imported in New Zealand by C B Norwood Distributors Ltd.

Herbie Barnes, Crew Chief putting away the
Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust's helicopter
     with the Kubota BX2360
Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust
Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust
     (left to right): Tim Douglas-Clifford Pilot and Base Manager, Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust; Shaun Monteith
(Monty), Sales Manager, Kubota NZ; Jeff Rogers, Company
Director, NS Rogers and Kerry Diamond, Service Technician and Small Equipment Sales, NS Rogers Ltd
Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust