Kubota Reliability and Performance Impress Waikato Dairy Farmer

Waikato dairy farmer Robert van der Kooy is making general farm work a lot easier with his new Kubota RTV400 utility vehicle and his Kubota M105X tractor. Robert runs an 80-hectare dairy farm from his home at Walton, where he employs a sharemilker to milk 250 cows.
Robert does a lot of work around the farm himself, and to make it easier he purchased a Kubota RTV400 in February. It was a big upgrade from his old four-wheel-drive farm bike. "I wanted something that would allow me to take a passenger and the RTV has a deck on the back too. The extra space was a big thing,” he says.
"I looked around and tried several out. The Kubota RTV400 has extra leg room, which I like. I use it for travelling around the farm and spraying. I have a little spray unit that goes on the deck. I also use it for general farm work and it’s been very good. It meets all my requirements.” The low operator platform on the 16hp RTV400 offers plenty of obstacle-free legroom.
The RTV400 has well-placed controls for easy operation and a user-friendly dashboard. The operator can easily select high, low or reverse ranges and 2WD or 4WD. You can also engage the rear differential lock with a simple lever.
Robert likes the practical design of the RTV400, which features a robust electronic fuel injection system and an advanced continuously variable transmission with internal clutch for excellent response and reliability.
He is a fan of the Kubota brand and has been running a four-wheel drive Kubota M105X for five years. He says it has been a good reliable tractor. "I looked at several other brands and price wise it was the best of the lot,” he says.
"I use it for general farm work but I do quite a bit of undersowing on my own farm, as well as doing some for neighbours. We grow our own maize on the farm so it gets used for spraying and power harrowing, and it has a Kubota loader on it. It’s big enough to cope with those jobs.” Robert likes the M105X so much that he’s thinking of trading up to the new M110GX model.

Bruce Picard, Kubota Ag Support Manager
(left) and Robert van der Kooy (right)
with his new RTV400
"Norwood Farm Machinery Centre in Morrinsville bought a demo model out for me to look at. It has a bigger cab, which I like, as the M105X cab is a bit lower. But the M105X is easy to use and is a good all-round tractor,” he says.
"Kubota is known for its reliability, and they have a good team at Norwood Farm Machinery in Morrinsville for sales and service.”
Kubota is imported in New Zealand by C B Norwood Distributors Ltd.