Kubota Hire Fleet Meets Demands of Professionals and DIYers

With its fleet of Kubota diggers, tractors, and skid steers, Hire Centre Te Awamutu has the equipment to meet the diverse needs of its customers in the Waikato heartland. Hire Centre Te Awamutu owner Zane Beckett is himself a builder. He used to lease a lot of gear, so when the hire business came up for sale in 2011, he saw it as a good opportunity.
After he bought the business, he purchased a range of new hire equipment, much of it Kubota. "We did extensive research into the reliability, performance and service requirements for different brands, and Kubota ticked all the boxes, ”Zane says. "Kubota had the best sales world-wide for the compact machinery we were after and they were the best for service, parts and build-quality.  
”Hire gear has to be user-friendly, bulletproof, and low maintenance. Zane says his Kubota equipment occasionally comes back with a scratch but that’s usually it. "They just need greasing and cleaning, and they're out again.
”The Kubota machines Hire Centre Te Awamutu offers include compact tractors, two 1.7-tonne U17-3 mini excavators, an 8.0-tonne KX080-3 excavator, and a 4.2-tonne SVL75 compact tracked loader. The positive feedback Zane has received indicates that many customers are there because of the Kubota products. He says the two Kubota U17 excavators are great for small to medium sized jobs for professional contractors or homeowners. 
"Kubota machines have the right mix of ease of use and reliability so that DIYer can use one of the diggers over the weekend and then a professional contractor can use the same machine during the week. "They're brilliant for putting in house foundations and you can attach an auger to drill holes. They're also good for smaller landscaping jobs.

Ken, Angie and Zane Beckett
from Hire Centre Te Awamutu
"The U17s have been getting a lot of use laying optic cables and the other new services that are going in around Te Awamutu. Professional landscapers use them and so do other tradesmen, such as the electricians trenching the mains and plumbers doing drains. ”Kubota U17 diggers are on expandable tracks. The tracks can retract to get through narrow gaps, and then spread out again for stability. It is a simple operation that the operator does with a lever.
Hire Centre Te Awamutu’s tractor is a 40hp Kubota STV40. It has front-end loader and can be fitted with a range of attachments: a trenching machine, grader blade, fertiliser spreaders, rotary hoe and trailed mower. A feature that makes the STV40 an ideal tractor for hiring out is its hydrostatic transmission. "The transmission makes it safer for people without experience. Anyone can jump on and use any of the attachments. It’s used by farmers, landscapers, electricians, builders and DIYers.  

”The SVL75 skid steer and KX080-3 excavator are the latest additions to the hire fleet. They are more specialised tools that are mainly used in Zane’s construction business but do get hired out to people with the appropriate experience. The SVL75 loader has a large 4n1 bucket and is fast and very accurate. It gets used for preparing house pads, putting in driveways, landscaping, loading trucks and other jobs.
"The efficient and friendly service we experience from our local after sales dealer and our Kubota territory manager, Keil Davies, really makes our job easy. "If we get gear back from being on hire and something is broken or needs servicing, they accept it straight away and get it back to us quickly so it can go out to the next customer.
Kubota provide a good warranty and they stand by it.”Zane says he is happy with the price, service, lack of maintenance, and the brilliant back-up service he has received with his Kubota machines.