Kubota Excavators Used on Great Lake Trail

The Great Lake Trail is one of the Governments funded national cycle ways which spans a total of 100 kilometres of track amongst some of New Zealand’s most breathe taking environments and pristine native bush. 
Bike Taupo is currently using three Kubota excavators in the construction of the Great Lake Trail, two U17-3’s and a K008-3.
Rowan Sapsford, Chair of Bike Taupo, "Versatility, performance, and the environment are the appealing qualities to Bike Taupo. The Kubota excavators make their way through challenging conditions from pumice to volcanic rock and prove themselves on a daily basis. The small footprint of the machines is ideal in sensitive, natural environments”. 
"Bike Taupo is one of only two community groups that are building these cycle ways, and as such, value for money is a key factor to us”. 
Operations Manager, Chad Hooton says; "The U17-3 is a very efficient and reliable machine, which can be easily broken down and transported via helicopter into remote sites located in native bush. 
The fuel tank capacity is perfect and gets through a day’s work without having to refuel the machine while the stability for a zero tail swing machine surpasses expectations and ensures safe operation. 
Between the two 1.7 ton machines, we have had 2000 hours of trouble free operation”.
"The K008-3 was purchased to be easily transported by boat and helicopter to provide cost effective maintenance on our trails. The K008-3 is extremely stable and has very smooth operation for a 1 tonner”. 
As a whole, we have found Kubota great to deal with from the initial purchase to the on-going support with attachments and extras.
At the completion of the Great Lake Trail, Bike Taupo would have constructed and maintained an approximate total of 200 kilometres of trail in Taupo and the Western Bays. 
Kubota is imported in New Zealand by C B Norwood Distributors Ltd.