Kubota Celebrates 39th Year of Production

Kubota this year is celebrating their 39th year of excavator production, a history that began in Hirakata, Japan, in 1974 with the Kubota KH-1 mini excavator.
Just as ABBA cleaned up in Eurovision ‘74 with ‘Waterloo’, Kubota started cleaning up construction sites with this first version, laying the foundations for a long history of providing rugged, reliable construction equipment.
Whilst it took five years for the first Kubota excavator to arrive into Australia and New Zealand, the KH-1D in 1979, it wasn’t long until Kubota’s reputation for reliability and performance saw Kubota become a market leader in Australasia. 
1991 saw the launch of the current KX series of conventional tail swing excavators, a range that has been updated and improved for over 20 years with the newest member, the KX018-4, manufactured in a state of the art Kubota facility in Zweibruecken, Germany. 
The zero tail swing "U series” followed in 2002 in response to a shift towards excavator usage in tighter areas, and has now sits proudly alongside the current day KX series.
Whilst Kubota has manufactured excavators in its Hirakata (Japan) plant since 1974, current product is now also manufactured in facilities located Hirakata (Japan) and Zweibruecken (Germany). Whilst product is manufactured in overseas factories, extensive testing and refinements are applied to product destined for the New Zealand marketplace to ensure it stands up to the harsh New Zealand environment.
Kubota is imported in New Zealand by C B Norwood Distributors Ltd.