Great Product, Great Service - No Reason to Switch from Kubota

Norsewood farmer Andrew Young still uses the Kubota tractor he bought 17 years ago. It was five years old then, and he’s pretty confident it’s got at least another 10 years in it. That’s one good investment and part of the reason why he’s just invested in his first new Kubota.
"That first Kubota came with the job when I was share milking. I got to like it, because it is simple and really reliable.” Andrew still feeds out silage and hay with that original tractor.
Five years ago he bought his second farm, and at that time he bought another second-hand Kubota, an M9580. At that point he had one Kubota for the 80ha dairy farm and another for the 170ha beef farm/run-off.
Ever since his first Kubota, Andrew has dealt with the local dealer, Trevor Stephenson from Firth and Stephenson in Dannevirke. "The service has always been really good and one of the reasons I got the new one was the back-up service. Trevor’s always gone the extra mile. I haven’t needed to call him out but if I did have an issue he’d be there.”  

Jacob Young, Andrew Young (middle) and
Trevor Stephenson of
Firth & Stephenson Ltd 
The new tractor is a Kubota M110GX. Trevor told Andrew about the new model, with a bigger cab and better transmission being worthy of consideration. Andrew went to have a look at it and bought it.
"Instead of the 16 gears of the M9580, this one has 24. If you're mowing a paddock, you have more gears to choose from and it makes it more efficient.” The M110GX does the mowing, baling and direct drilling of crops. It came with a Kubota loader, designed and matched for the tractor.
The size of the new cab was important to Andrew. "It’s the biggest cab in its class and it has the option of an instructor’s seat. Andrew’s 10-year-old, Jacob, who loves tractors, makes good use of this accessory.
"It’s also got a very quiet cab. That’s one comment I hear a lot from people: you can hardly hear it running, and you can easily hold a conversation in it.”
Most of the M110GX’s controls are laid out on the armrest, so minimal arm movements are required and changing gears is just the push of a button.
Andrew says visibility is second to none. "I went to the Central District Field Days in March and hopped into other brand of tractors and none were better for the size and visibility of the tractor.”
It’s got power for the hills and is very stable. "It’s well balanced. I did some topping two to three months ago and was going around some steep slopes and the traction was really good.
"I bought it new, because of my relationship with Trevor. If something did go wrong he’d be there to fix it. I'm a farmer, not a tractor mechanic and you have to have faith in the people you know.
"If you get to know someone over the years and trust them, like I do with Trevor, then you can rely on them to sell you a good product. I think the tractor will be there for the next 20 years.”
Kubota is imported in New Zealand by C B Norwood Distributors Ltd.