Chill Out For Summer

Kubota New Zealand is pleased to announce the 3.2 tonne KX91-3 excavator now has a fully factory fitted air conditioning system. This is a first for the KX91-3 excavator as previously the fully enclosed cabin model had only a heater option.
The release of the model is just in time for the hot days ahead and will be sure to impress operators with the degree of cooling offered.
The air conditioned KX91-3 comes after extensive testing and development with engineers from both Japan and Australia working closely together to ensure the performance of the unit is capable of withstanding the harsh Australasian environment without compromising the performance of the machine by robbing valuable engine horsepower. 
At the forefront of this testing was Kubota Tractor’s Australia Research and Development Engineer Mr Bradley Watson who spearheaded the development of the unit. Part of the process of development of an air conditioning unit is to ensure machine efficiency is not compromised by its fitment when working in ambient temperatures of 450 Celsius which regularly occur in Australasia advised Mr Watson. 
Another aspect to this project was to ensure that fitment of the unit does not obstruct the operators view when operating the machine. Also taken into account was the cosmetic look of the machine, it was not satisfactory just bolting an air conditioning unit to the side of the machine which would have been the easiest option advised Mr Watson. The air conditioning unit has to be part of the overall machine build and is incorporated into the machine he advised. 
Not only should an air conditioning unit be easy to operate but it should also be easy to maintain and with the new KX91-3 cabin model maintenance is a breeze. With easy to open access panels and pivoting condenser box the KX91-3 provides easy access to the heart of the machine to carry out periodic service requirements.
The KX91-3 air conditioned excavator still offers the same performance that owners and operators are accustomed to packing a breakout force of almost 2,800 kilograms of force and a reach in excess of 5.1 metres and an impressive dig depth of almost 3.2 metres. 
The KX91-3 is a machine that packs a lot of punch for its size. In fact the machine has been acknowledged as doing the work of 4 tonne machines.
At only 1550mm wide the KX91-3 is the perfect machine for fitting down the sides of houses and with the slight overhang of the counterweight it offers the operator the stability and power to perform in the most trying of circumstances. At only 3.2 tonne the KX91-3 is perfectly weighted and balanced making transportation and operation simple and easy.
If you’re in the market for a replacement machine or are wishing to upgrade your existing Kubota you owe it to yourself to contact your local Kubota dealer to see why Kubota Excavators are the #1 selling mini excavators under 8 tonne in New Zealand and World Wide.